Printable Forms

Printable Forms (not all require payment)

Forms and Applications Associated with Addresses

Address/Fire Number Application

Homeowner Request for Replacement Fire/Address Sign



Forms and Permits Associated with Events

The following permits may or may not be applicable to you or your organization's event. Please contact the Town Office with any questions. Remember it is your organization's responsibility to complete and return permits that need to be reviewed by the Town Board or Chief of Police well in advance of your event. Town Board meets on the first and third Tuesday of the month.

If your group/organization has a change in leadership, please make sure to inform him/her of the required  permits for your events.

Amplifying Device Permit

Amend. Sec 50-8 Loud and Unnecessary Noise - Please Read If Completing Amplifying Device Permit

Application for Temporary Class B Retailers License

Permit - Camping Request (Airport & Don Burnside Park)

Permit - Street Closure

Picnic Table (Parks) Rental Form

Temporary Sign/Banner Permit

Permit for Summer Exhibition, Race, or Event- Must Include Certificate of Liability Insurance

Permit for Winter Exhibition, Race, or Event- Must Include Certificate of Liability Insurance

Three Lakes Park Facility Reservation Contract

Three Lakes Park Facility - Multi Day Use

Park Commission Sponsored Event To Be Held In a Town Park


Forms and Permits Associated With Annual Liquor License Renewals

AT-103 Auxiliary Questionnaire

at-106 Original Alcohol Beverage Retail License Application

AT-115 Renewal Alcohol Beverage License Application

CTP-200 Application for Cigarette and Tobacco Products Retail License

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