Town of Three Lakes Code of Ordinances 2002-2017

Amend. Article II Fees and Charges-Chapter 10 Animals

Amend. Article III Snowmobiles-Sec. 70.71 Routes, Trails, and Definitions

Adopt Sec. 1-14 Code of Ethics

Amend. Sec. 2-43 Meetings

Amend. Sec 2-43 Meetings (meeting time change)

Amend. Sec. 2-201Public Records Release

Amend. Sec. 2-301 Listing of Administrative Charges Mentioned Throughout Code

Amend. Sec. 2-301 Fees & Charges/Chapter 10 Animals-Dog License Fees (2024)

Amend. Sec. 10-13 Livestock Facilities

Amend. Sec. 14-6 Building Inspector

Amend. Sec. 19-1 Accommodations Tax (increased tax amount)

Amend. Sec. 19.1 Accommodations Tax (enforcement)

Amend. Sec.30-8 Regulating the Installation and Maintenance of Fire Signs (range signs)

Amend. Sec. 30-81 Fire inspector; Duties

Amend. Sec. 50-8 Loud and Unnecessary Noise

Amend. Sec. 62-5 Snow Plowing, clearing and removal (2017)

Amend. Sec. 62-5 Snow Plowing, clearing and removal (2020)

Amend. Sec. 62-5 Snow-Plowing, clearing and removal(2024)

Amend. Sec. 66-1 General Road Standards (wooden posts)

Amend. Sec. 66-9 Driveways

Amend. Sec. 70-7 Parking Prohibitions

Amend. Sec.70-144 Posting and Notices - Weight Limits

Amend. Sec. 70-166 ATV, UTV, Equestrian Routes

Amend. Sec. 73-3 Plan Commission Membership

Adopt Sec. 74-1 County Zoning Code Adopt New Language (parking exemptions in right of way)

Ordinance Revision Sec. 2-203 Public Records

Ordinance Revision Sec. 2-301 Fees and Charges

Ordinance Revision Sec. 53-Airport

Striking Chapter 68 Telecommunications Article II Cable Television; Sec. 68-31 through 68-70

Amend. Chapter 66 Subdivisions (gravel standards and added language)


Plan Commission Ordinance

Three Lakes Codification Concerning the Plan Commission