Broadband Availability

There are several internet providers expanding their services in the Three Lakes area.  These expansions in coverage will take place over the next several years.  Listed below are two of the companies you can research about their services in your area:



In Three Lakes, nearly 90% of residents have access to multiple internet providers. Survey data shows us that most people have the best possible service available to them and they are satisfied with their service. In Three Lakes you can telecommute or operate a home business while overlooking one of the greatest water resources in the state. Companies can establish a storefront in our town center, within walking distance to the library and school.

Visit the Facebook page of Three Lakes Broadband, an initiative of Forward Three Lakes, for updates on their efforts to expand broadband service in and around Three Lakes.

Public Service Commission's Wisconsin Broadband Map

Public Service Commission's Broadband Grant Footprint Map (expansion progress)